You Haven't Lived Until You've Seen These Pictures Of Nature-Loving Artist Brad Pitt

Photo: Ryan McGinley exclusively for GQ Style.
Brad Pitt is tired of being Brad Pitt. I mean, the man has had quite the year — from his very public split from Angelina Jolie, dismantling the power couple Brangelina in a way that totally broke my heart, to child abuse claims after a private plane fiasco, resulting in a now-squashed FBI investigation. It feels like his past six months have been filled with calls from lawyers, law enforcement, and TMZ-like reporters. And while that could be true, his days have also been filled with art, nature, and apparently tattoos. (So. Many. Tattoos.)
In an interview with GQ Style, the 53-year-old finally gives us a glance into his new quiet and introspective life — and it's a fucking wild ride. In a series of 31 (THIRTY ONE) photos, Pitt gives us the longest look into his post-marriage days that we're ever likely to get. And unlike most cover stories, it's not Pitt's responses to questions that reveal his true character, it's the deeply saturated and incredibly moody photos, captured by Ryan McGinley, that tell the real story.
Pitt is an artist now himself (he sculpts, duh), and it appears that he is fully embracing his weird and unfiltered side since broadening his artistic pursuits. In the photos he is literally tumbling down a sand dune, praying into the sunset, and crying into the camera. It's extremely raw and liberating, but also a little surprising, especially since the last time we saw him, he looked rough. But now he looks like a piece of living art, and we need to talk about these photos right this instant. There are a lot of versions of Brad Pitt to behold in these slides, proving that even if he himself is sick of being "fucking Brad" — we aren't.
Click on to the most compelling photos of Pitt from his national park adventure. And yes, you may want to make one of them your background like I did.

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