What Does Brad Pitt Listen To While He Sculpts Alone?

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Brad Pitt is going through a breakup. He's single for the first time in a long time (he, as we all know, went straight from one relationship to another) and he's having to learn the essentials of being alone: having hobbies, hanging out with friends, and finding a fresh creative outlet. And the 53-year-old is doing just that by taking up a up the soothing skill of sculpting.
Yes, Brad Pitt is now a budding sculptor. He's wearing faded flannels, he's vaping, he's getting his hands messy with clay, he's hanging out with some fellow artists, and he's listening to sad songs to get him through it all.
AdvertisementADVERTISEMENT, along with a few other outlets, have been reporting that Pitt has holed himself up in a Los Angeles studio, working up to 15 hours a day on an original sculpture with the help of his friend, British artist Thomas Houseago. (Fun fact: Houseago's wife, Amy Bessone, is also an artist and her 2016 exhibition "In The Century of Women," which super ironically addresses the parameters of shame women of the past century had to endure during a public divorce.)
Immediately, a few questions come to mind:
What is he sculpting? (From photos of Houseago's studio and own sculpture, it's definitely large-scale.)
Is this more of a mid-life crisis, instead of the post breakup blues? (I mean, my dad recently took up both painting and photography.)
But what importantly: What songs are on his sad sculpture playlist?
According to, Pitt definitely listens to an array of Bon Iver (folksy and moody, nice) and the 1961 outlaw country classic "Just To Satisfy You," by Waylon Jennings. Beyond that, it's unclear what tracks inspire Pitt creatively and emotionally. Except I happened to stumble upon Pitt's private Spotify account, boasting this carefully curated pensive pottery playlist. He clearly has a soft spot for songs that delicately pull at the heartstrings, and emotional ballads that are best listened to while scream-singing along. There's Johnny Cash, Radiohead (a favorite of his), and some Beethoven for when he really wants to zen the fuck out.
Close your eyes, press play, and just imagine your body up close next to scruffy Pitt's.
(Just kidding I made this playlist.)

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