Proof That Ryan Gosling Is Still 'Hey, Girl' Hot

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It’s difficult to recall the very first time we laid eyes on Ryan Gosling. It's probably because the moment is a distant, buried memory from the mid-’90s when he was a star on Mickey Mouse Club. But for some, the first Gosling experience came years later during his breakout role in The Notebook. Regardless, Gosling is a mainstay — in Hollywood and our hearts.
If you’re not on the bandwagon yet — not even after the memes, the dancing, or the pro-Gosling protests – prepare to hitch a ride. In honor of the actor’s birthday, we decided to compile photographic proof that Gosling has one of the scruffiest — and hottest — evolutions in Hollywood. Unlike John Krasinski’s underrated glow-up or Leonardo DiCaprio’s uneventful rise, Gosling’s is one that’s filled with unlikely dye jobs, drastic haircuts, and sleepy smiles stronger than a bottle of Ambien.
Click ahead to check out the First Man star’s impressive evolution. You know, just in case you need another reason to love Ryan Gosling...
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Gosling has been in show business since he had to live with Justin Timberlake, but his true beauty evolution didn’t really begin until 2002. Why? Well, just look at his dark-chocolate roots. Luckily, the dye job was for a role in The United States of Leland and not permanent.
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Two years later, Gosling was officially the star of Nicholas Sparks’ love story, The Notebook, which meant he’d hit the leading man stratosphere. But his I-could-care-less beard and faux hawk were only the beginning.
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By the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, Noah was gone thanks to a buzzcut. The jury is still out on how we feel about this one. Maybe this is where Justin Bieber got his inspiration?
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While filming Lars and The Real Girl in 2006, Gosling had a mustache that toggled the line between creepy and cool.
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Luckily, the facial hair was gone and replaced with some appropriate stubble for the 79th Annual Academy Awards in 2007.
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Photo: John Shearer/WireImage.
Even though this look makes Gosling look like the preppy villain in an ‘80s movie, we don’t mind the fact that his hair and beard are so short that his ocean eyes finally get some attention.
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Back in 2010, it seemed that every blonde, white guy looked a lot like Cam Gigandet (remember him, the hot vampire villain from Twilight?) — and Gosling was no exception.
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Gosling’s sun-kissed glow is proof that no celeb is immune to the allure of a spray tan.
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It was hard to see Bradley Cooper’s beard go once A Star Is Born was over, but it was even harder to see Gosling lose his face tattoos after playing Luke in The Place Beyond the Pines. Still, his coiffed haircut and groomed ‘stache are better than nothing.
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It appeared that by The Big Short premiere in 2015 Gosling found salt spray and lost his hair brush all in the same night.
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According to Buzzfeed, this was the year Gosling “got hot again.” Though they’re not wrong (he is hot), we’d disagree that he hasn’t been a scruffy heartthrob since ‘95.
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He may not have won the Oscar in 2017 for La La Land, but his groomer certainly should have. While fans argued over his shirt all night long, it’s a universal fact that his hair can do no wrong.
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Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage.
Filming for Gosling’s First Man ended months ago, but he’s clearly still digging the Neil Armstrong haircut. We’ll keep it.

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