17 Stunning (& Simple) Party Hair Looks To Try This Holiday Season

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Behr.
Holiday party season has arrived — and at the worst possible time for your wallet. After last week's routine root touch-up turned into a $200 single-process situation and this week's holiday gift swap did a number on your bottom line, you have two options: politely decline all fun party invites, or go, but spend zero dollars on the prep.
Here's the plan: Repeat your favorite LBD, dig up those sparkly earrings, and cancel your DryBar appointment. A little texture spray and a few well-placed bobby pins or a velvet bow is all you need to add some festive flair to your hair without leaving your bathroom.
If you're a little dry on inspiration, our editors are taking you through the simple and stunning hair looks we'll be wearing from now through New Year's Eve, and every party in between. Find the sleek, half-up ponytail or Tracee Ellis Ross-approved cornrows that will have you taking to the next (hopefully open) bar with gusto, ahead.
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"My sneaky winter hairstyling hack is pulling my head through a big turtleneck sweater... and doing nothing else. I purposefully leave my hair tucked down into the back of my neck, add a a pair of chunky hoop earrings, maybe a pair of heels, and consider myself ready for whatever my casual Friday night has in store." —Megan Decker, Beauty Assistant
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"Okay, so a turtleneck can be a hair accessory in and of itself. But when styled with a Jennifer Behr barrette, studded with big, shiny pearls, and a dewy cheekbone highlight — you get a vision in profile." —Decker
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"Oh the things I would do to get my hands on this $300 braided velour headband..." — Decker
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"Zoey Deutch has the hair color of my dreams, but as much as I could go on about the way the light bounces off the flecks of auburn in those highlights, I'm really here for the style. This glossy half-up, half-down look is one I think I could achieve on my own, without hopping on a flight to Los Angeles for an appointment with Tracey Cunningham." —Decker
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"Tracee Ellis Ross is a hair icon, and she's been wearing a lot of straight-back cornrows and two-strand twist styles lately. So, naturally, I want to wear nothing but cornrows through the rest of the year. One problem: I can't braid to save my life. But when I go home for Christmas, I'm going to convince my mom that we should kick it old-school and watch Disney movies while she braids me up. " —Jessica Cruel, Deputy Beauty Director
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"When I have anything formal to go to, I pull out my bobby pins to do a 'frohawk hairstyle. This year, I'm swapping out my plain black bobbies for gold ones to give the look a festive update." —Cruel
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"If anyone could convince me that I should go back to brunette, it's Bella Hadid — and colorist Jenna Perry. One of the best dye jobs I ever got went down in Perry's chair, and I'd easily trust her to take me from my cream-soda blonde highlights back to my dark-chocolate roots any day. Considering the fact that everyone seems to be obsessed with highlights and balayage lately, it's also refreshing to see a winter-friendly color like this back on our radar." —Sam Sasso, Beauty Writer
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"I'm a hair-accessories stan, which means I'll wear them any day, week, or month of the year, holiday season or no holiday season. But there's nothing like some jewel-toned bobby pins to get you in the mood for the kind of party that features eggnog and mistletoe." —Sasso
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"Bows might be a hair trend most people wore in elementary school, but it's also the perfect holiday accessory. Consider it an added bonus that a black ribbon is the quickest way to dress up any boring ponytail." —Sasso
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"I'm desperate to experiment with flowers in my hair for the holidays, but I'm worried I'm going to end up going overboard with an entire 1-800-Flowers bouquet in my top bun. This is an example of how to do flowers in your hair tastefully with help from a ton of bobby pins." —Rachel Lubitz, Senior Beauty Writer
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"I've been hesitant to really go in on my secret love for headbands for fear that I'll end up looking like a fourth-grader, but this one is just too damn good to pass up. Imagine it with an all-black holiday ensemble, or even a red dress." —Lubitz
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"Call me boring, but I'm bringing back my obsession with the boss bun — the sharply-parted, no B.S. knot that's perfect for getting shit done. This holiday season I'll be making a small change: Bring on the boss pony! It has all the strength of a low bun with a little more flair." —Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor
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"My colorist, Kari Hill, and I have been talking about me going pink for a while, and this is such a great time to do it. I especially love this rosy look she just created." —Lebsack
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"Can this girl get any cooler? Awkwafina doesn't always go big with her hair and makeup, but when she does, I always want to copy it. I love this take on a '20s wave: It's smooth and uniform, but softer and straighter through the top. In fact, I'd likely copy her bronze makeup with it, too..." —Lebsack
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"Kicki Yang Zhang's hair is unbelievable: Not only is her color gorgeous, but my goal in life is to have a haircut as bold and structured as hers. Plus, she accessorizes with fun, '90s-esque hair clips. What's not to love?" —Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer
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"I’m about to cut my hair and go natural to reclaim my curls, so I’ve been busy saving curly hairstyles on Instagram. I love a good updo during the holidays, and this one is just so simple, yet so voluminous. Plus, it’ll keep my hair out of the way while I stuff my face with my grandmother’s cooking." —Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer
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"Given that I'm embarking on a natural hair journey, I want to get into wigs — and why not have fun with color during the most festive time of the year? I haven’t made up my mind yet on the colors, but I’m definitely leaning towards purple. Hey, it’s non-committal, so maybe I’ll try out a variety." —Diaz

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