What The Halloween Moon Means For You

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Last week saw the full moon arrive, putting you in the mood to reflect on the theme of changes, big and small. As spiritually fulfilling as that lunar phase may have been, you're probably more likely to be out and about at night to actually take a moment to look at the moon) this Wednesday, also known as a little holiday called Halloween.
Since reaching its dazzlingly full phase last week, the moon will have waned down to a third quarter, in which only half of the moon's visible side is illuminated, by tomorrow night. In general, waning lunar phases are relatively low-key — they aren't causes for major celebrations or rituals. Rather, they tend to be restorative periods in every month, when you can take some time to reflect and prepare for what's next in your life.
We know, that probably isn't what you want to hear if you were planning to hit a few more Halloween blowouts this Wednesday. But, as the Lunar Ladies write on their site, the third quarter moon doesn't have to be completely dull. As the midpoint phase between the full moon and the new moon, it's a natural opportunity to check in with yourself and take stock of the changes unfolding in your life. Are you happy about the path you're on? If you aren't, what can you do right now that will effect positive changes later on? Again, these questions are a little heady for Halloween night, but you can tailor your plans to fit your needs once you have a chance to reevaluate your goals. Maybe you decide you'd rather not spend the night chasing a crush — and you have a night in with only your closest friends. Or, maybe you change your mind about working late and decide to have a little fun, school night be damned.
In other words, you don't have to stay in and mope because of the moon. In fact, viewed astrologically, the moon just might want you to hit the town tomorrow night.
Last Halloween, the moon appeared in dreamy Pisces, coaxing our imaginations out into the open (manifesting, no doubt, in your stunningly inventive costume). This year, it's posted up glamorous, scene-stealing Leo. Although these Zodiac signs may seem pretty darn different, they both reward creativity, so don't be afraid to go all out with your Halloween attire again this Wednesday. That said, Leo moons can make divas out of the humblest among us — avoid any scary confrontations by keeping your plans simple and sticking with your dearest pals.
Whatever you have planned for Halloween night, remember that the third quarter moon is beaming down and encouraging you to make mindful choices to ensure your happiness — even that means something as simple as watching Hocus Pocus instead of Saw III.

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