Behold, The Scariest Movies Of All Time

Each and every horror movie poses a challenge. Can you handle what's about to happen the next few hours? Probably. But can you handle it on your own? Probably not.
In our opinion, horror movies are best consumed as a group activity. Go to the theaters in packs. Jolt at the jump scares. Emerge with your heart beating a bit too fast. Pretend, for a while, that you won't have to face the darkness alone.
Inevitably, though, you will. At some point after the movie, you'll separate from your friends and find yourself alone in a dark room. Scenes from the movie will nip at your memory, reminding you of its creepiest moments and that the world contains horrors outside of the movie theater, too. That's when the fun of the horror movie begins.
Here are the scariest movies to watch — if you dare.

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