The Moon Wants You To Go To One More Halloween Party

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It can feel a little anticlimactic when Halloween falls in the middle of the week. Over the course of the last weekend, you've probably executed every clever costume idea you had up your sleeve and officially tired of all things spooky. Nevertheless, you might be reluctant to hang up your witch's robes before Halloween officially arrives tomorrow. If that's the case, the great plan-maker in the sky would have to support you in sticking it out a little longer.
The moon will be in Pisces tomorrow, which will make us a little more prone to daydreams and flights of fancy. In the true spirit of Halloween, you might even wish to become someone else entirely.
The Astrotwins write that Pisces is the sign of illusion and fantastical thought. People born under the sign of the Fish behave with maturity but will always make decisions first with their heart, then with their head. They never lose sight of how others may feel, and can get lost in thought trying to see issues from all perspectives. Pisces' ruling element, water, only adds to their deeply empathetic and imaginative streak.
Pair all that emotional energy with the moon, which rules our feelings and inner selves, and we're faced with a double-whammy of internal growth, intuition, and creativity.
The Twins urge us to avoid letting that influence go to waste and hop to creating one final, Instagram-worthy Halloween look. If you've been putting off RSVP-ing to a party tomorrow only because it's on a Tuesday, send the host a decisive "yes" now. Pisces' energy won't turn you into a social butterfly overnight, but it will ignite a desire in you to people-watch — and what better night of the year than All Hallows' Eve to do just that?
That said, a Pisces-moon combo can prompt major nesting instincts within some of us. On any other Tuesday night, no one would bat an eye if you wanted to stay home and hit the hay early, so, if the call of your couch is just too great, don't force yourself into yet another sparkly getup. But, for those of you who are on the fence, let this be your cue to seek out one more treat (or trick) before this Halloween season ends.

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