Everything You Want To Know About Bachelor In Paradise Pot-Stirrer Cassandra Ferguson

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Bachelor In Paradise has finally gotten truly, undeniably good. With the snooze-worthy drama of Tia Booth and Colton Underwood officially put to rest (they’re dating! They’re napping on daybeds!) the ABC reality show now has so much more time to devote to ruining the many fragile relationships forming in Sayulita.
The key to blowing up these untested couplings is adding extremely hot new Bachelor Nation members, whom producers already know certain individuals are interested in or would be interested in, the moment those certain individuals seem to be a stable relationship. That’s why Leo Dottavio, Benoit Beauséjour Savard, and Connor Obrochta all popped up on Paradise over the last week — they’re relationship dynamite.
And, that is why Cassandra Ferguson will appear on Tuesday night’s episode, “Week 4, Part 2.” With Ferguson, a makeup artist, former NBA dancer, and single mom, heading to Paradise as the latest possible “storm,” we should probably get a quick refresher on who the 26-year-old is. After all, Ferguson, who vied for Juan Pablo Galavis’ heart during the 2014 Bachelor, hasn’t been on a Bachelor-related series since 2015.
As the previews for “Week 4, Part 2” tease, Ferguson will apparently serve as the first real obstacle for concrete couple Eric Bigger, an alum Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette season, and Angela Amezcua, who hails from Nick Viall’s time as the Bachelor lead. The promo shows Amezcua gushing, “Eric and I are solid. Like we are together. All in.” Then Ferguson appears on the beach, and Bigger licks his lips like a cartoon wolf. Soon enough, Ferguson is asking Bigger to go on a date with her, and Amezcua is seemingly left sobbing inside a Mexican resort.
This is not the first time Ferguson, who has a 7-year-old son named Trey, has been added late in the Paradise game to shake things up. During the second season of the summertime reality romp — the era that famously produced hallowed Paradise couple Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert — Ferguson was introduced towards the very end of that saga as well. Before Ferguson showed up, personal trainer Justin Reich had agreed to go on a date with account manager Jaclyn Swartz. Then, Ferguson asked Reich out, and he very painfully rejected Swartz’ date offer, which, again, he had already accepted. You can watch the entire awkward encounter right here.
Reich’s rejection led to a lot of shady comments from Swartz about Ferguson's status as a young mother, but didn’t initially get in the way of the single mom's budding relationship with Reich. While Reich and Ferguson skipped the fantasy suites due to just how new their relationship was, they did leave Paradise together as a couple. Yet, when the Paradise reunion special rolled around, fans found out Ferguson and Reich had broken up over the long distance nature of their relationship.
By that time, Ferguson had begun dating a different Paradise 2015 cast member, Jonathan Holloway, another Detroit native and parent. The pair met on a commercial shoot, as Holloway had already exited Paradise by the time Ferguson began filming. This couple has also broken up in the years since.
In between Ferguson’s two Bachelor-related stints, she was engaged to her son's father, former Detroit Pistons player Rodney Stuckey. The engagement fell through, leaving Ferguson single enough for her first entrance into Paradise. Now she’s working on being a mom to Trey, her makeup artistry, and starring in bridal inspiration shoots.
While it’s unlikely Cassandra Ferguson will come between Eric Bigger and Angela Amezcua, we’ll find out soon if Paradise season 5 leads to some real-life wedding photos for the reality star.
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