Unique NYC Day Trips To Take With Your Mom This Mother's Day

Photo: Getty Images.
If, somehow, you forgot, here's fair warning that Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 13 (fear not: last-minute brunch reservations in NYC are still available!). We're always looking for something that goes beyond flowers and a card — something that's original, just like our mamas — and we know not all moms are into the whole "breakfast in bed" shtick. Enter the day trip.
The ideal Mother's Day gift, day trips are affordable, active, tailorable to your mom's unique interests, and above all, easy to pull off. Maybe she's a history buff who's into thrifting, or maybe she has a taste for funky art and oysters. Whatever her particular style, we've got seven ideas (all reachable from NYC) ahead. So put down the Hallmark card and pull on your hiking boots...

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