Yes, Kylie Jenner's Bodyguard Is Hot, But He's Probably Not Stormi's Dad

Photo: J. Kempin/Getty Images.
After months of speculation on whether or not she was pregnant, Kylie Jenner revealed that she had given birth to her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott in February of 2018. Alas, now that photos of Stormi Webster have been racking up millions of likes on Instagram, fans have a new theory about Jenner's little bundle of joy — and it has to do with the makeup mogul's male model-slash-bodyguard, Tim Chung.
The internet collectively lost its mind when photos of Jenner's bodyguard circulated the internet, and honestly, I totally get it. Chung is a CW high schooler-level handsome, and his Instagram proves he knows how to work all his angles. (Note: He does not have a bad angle.)
Here's him snacking on some Halo Top:

Who needs?when you’ve got @halotopcreamery

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Here's another of him hanging by the Dylan's Candy Bar at The Grove:

Step it up

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Here's a third pic where he's making hats happen:


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Obviously, Chung is bae, but is he Jenner's bae? No. He's not. He's her bodyguard, and this isn't The Bodyguard. But that didn't stop the internet from claiming that Stormi — who already has a dad in rapper Scott, thank you very much — was secretly his child.
Fans were all atwitter about the alleged likeness: "HAVE YALL NOTICED THAT KYLIE JENNERS BBY LOOKS A LOT LIKE HER BODYGUARD (translating the tweet)," wrote user Gothkisses. "Kylie Jenner’s baby is her bodyguard’s, change my mind," wrote user Mckooley under a side-by-side of Stormi and Chung.
"I've never been more convinced by a theory!! Kylie Jenner's baby. Is the bodyguards baby. Kris is up to something!" tweeted user JazzyBumblee, giving momager Kris Jenner way too much credit
Come on guys, this is just mean. Stormi has a father who loves her very, very much! Is she lucky to have an additional handsome man to keep the paparazzi at bay? Sure, but that doesn't mean that Chung is low-key Stormi's bio dad.
Apparently, Jenner is taking the high road with this ridiculous rumor. According to a source for Hollywood Life, the Kylie Cosmetics creator is "laughing off" these silly claims, which means that, in all likelihood, Stormi's real dad Scott is doing the same.
Let's save the drama for Riverdale, which the highly attractive Chung absolutely could join the cast of if he ever quits working for Jenner.

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