Kylie Jenner Just Shared An Ultra-Close Up Pic Of Stormi On Snapchat

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
New mom Kylie Jenner couldn't seem more proud of her one-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster. The youngest of the famous Kardashian-Jenner sisters surprised fans on Saturday by posting an up-close-and-personal Snapchat video of her bright-eyed beauty.
In the darling clip, Stormi looks content — if not a little confused by the camera nearing her face — as she's swaddled in a fuzzy blanket with tiny fire emojis circling her head. Jenner captioned the shot, "My pretty girl."
The video comes just days after countless fans jumped online to criticize Jenner for having long nails, arguing that they would prevent her from being able to change or bathe her newborn daughter. As a note, there's no evidence — like, at all — to support these claims.
Jenner's decision to debut Stormi's first real close-up on Snapchat is an interesting one. She shared the first look at her daughter's fingers on Instagram and received a record-breaking 17.6 million likes, which is more love than even Beyoncé has ever received on the platform. For a moment there, it seemed like she'd be primarily using Instagram for good.
Jenner tweeted a few weeks ago that rarely opens the Snapchat app anymore. Shortly after, the photo-sharing platform's value dropped an estimated $1 billion. Many speculated that Snap was following its mascot's lead and turning into a ghost of social media past. Perhaps this made Jenner feel guilty, because she started spending a lot more time on the app in the days that followed, gushing about everything from her new acrylics to Stormi's sweet baby feet.
Of course, her decision to Snap instead of 'Gram some of these moments could boil down to a desire to mute some of the ruthless internet trolls who lurk within online comment sections. Lately, it seems like she and her pregnant sister Khloé can't catch a break as people tear them apart for even the most ridiculous things, like cradling their pregnant bellies.
Regardless of her reasoning, it's great to see Jenner happily soaking up every moment of her new life as a mom.
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