Kylie Jenner Just Beat Beyoncé For Most Liked Instagram & There's Only One Solution

Photo: Arya Diaz/Getty Images.
It's official: Kylie Jenner beat Beyoncé in one (very tiny) facet of her life. Jenner's Instagram of her new baby Stormi Webster is the most-liked photo on Instagram, beating out Beyoncé's Instagram pregnancy announcement from almost exactly a year ago. As of now — early afternoon on February the 7 — the post has 13.8 million likes, while Beyoncé's post rests at 11.2 million. Technically, Jenner isn't the first to break the record. In November, the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo earned 11.3 million likes on an Instagram of himself with his girlfriend, who had just given birth to twins, in the hospital. This minor win is impressive, but it's not 13.8 million likes impressive.
In order to beat Jenner — and make no mistake, she will defeat her — Beyoncé has only one option: She must release another photo of her twins, Sir and Rumi Carter, who are about seven months old by now. Stormi Webster may be powerful, but she is nothing compared to the collective power of twins borne of Beyoncé Knowles and Jay Z.
We're also exactly two years out from the release of Beyoncé's Lemonade, the visual album that changed the world. So, better yet, what if Beyoncé upstages lil' Stormi Webster with an album titled After the Storm, a post-Lemonade album about the aftereffects of releasing Lemonade! Just a thought.
However, the competition is fierce. These past few months have proven that Jenner is a shrewd social media user. (At least, that's the cynical view of this pregnancy reveal.) She kept quiet for months, barely sharing on social media, then guerrilla-shared a load of information about her secret pregnancy. She used silence to her advantage; when Jenner stopped posting and stopped going to events, we started listening harder. Then, when she had something to say, we double-tapped the shit out of it. Lemonade utilized a similar publicity style, except that it was an album, not a baby, and there weren't "anonymous" reports for months on end about an upcoming album.
There's also the matter of Jenner becoming a mommy blogger. If this is indeed her new career — blogging up baby — then likes matter even more than ever. Getting likes would be her new career, actually. And, let's be honest, Beyoncé doesn't need to win Instagram to reign supreme. She does that simply by existing.
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