So Lindsay Lohan Is Giving Tattoos Now…

Lindsay Lohan spends more time in Dubai (she moved there and loves it) these days than she does in tabloids, but that doesn't mean she isn't just as entertaining to follow now as she was back in the Britney & Paris clubbing days. Girl's got her shit together and is working on some very interesting projects, like offering Donald Trump legal advice as the spokesperson for, designing her own island, and developing a beauty line. But just because Lohan is busy devising an epic comeback doesn't mean she neglects family time. Case in point: She recently went to a tattoo shop with her siblings in New York.
Celebrity siblings love getting tattoos together, so it only made sense for Lindsay, her sister Aliana, and her brother Dakota, to do that when she came back to visit them in Manhattan. And who better to go to for ink than the most in-demand celeb artist in town, JonBoy, who's known for tattooing Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, and Kendall Jenner.
Photo Via @dakotalohan.
But this wasn't quite your typical tattoo session. As revealed on Instagram, Lindsay didn't get anything done; instead, she gave a tattoo... to JonBoy. Dakota made sure to share on his Story a photo of "Linds tattooing JonBoy" while wearing the artist's signature Gucci apron. Aliana, on the other hand, did get a tattoo — although we don't know of what and JonBoy keeps mum to protect clients' privacy — on the back of her neck.
Could Lindsay be adding tattoo artist to her resume? Probably not, but honestly, at this point, anything's possible. And hey, if she does decide to offer up her services to the public one day, we'll be first in line to get a little Burn Book inked on our arm by the Mean Girls star.

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