Kim Kardashian Just Burned Lindsay Lohan On Instagram

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If a Mean Girls 3 ever were to happen, I humbly suggest we hand the writing duties off to Kim Kardashian — she certainly knows how to craft quite the clap back. No one knows that better than Lindsay Lohan, whom Kardashian was quick to throw shade at when the Parent Trap actress dared speak out against her new hairstyle.
I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat it and be happy. (And by everyone, I mean Kardashian and Lohan. For the record.) However, given what went down in the comments section of Perez Hilton's new Kardashian-related Instagram post, that dream seems further and further away.
The blogger posted a photo of Kardashian wearing what she calls "Bo Derek braids" (cornrows, actually) and asked his readers what they thought of the new look. While plenty of people justly called out the KKW Beauty mogul for cultural appropriation (which wouldn't be the first time a member of the Kardashian family was accused of co-opting Black culture without giving any credit to Black people) Lohan responded with just three words:
"I am confused."
Almost immediately, the reality star responded to the insult with her own criticism:
"you know what's confusing," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wrote. "Your sudden foreign accent."
Kardashian is referring to how Lohan debuted a new way of speaking after spending several years living in different cities across Europe and the Middle East. Kardashian wasn't the only person who was a touch confused: Lohan's newfound accent was odd to many, especially those of us who have replayed Mean Girls quotes in their head for the last decade.
The swift backlash against Lohan's comment is a little sad, considering that, once upon a time, Lohan and the Kardashians were actually good friends. Around 2004, when Kardashian was working for her friend Paris Hilton, the Instagram queen reportedly would occasionally style LiLo as well. The Freaky Friday star even attended Kardashian's 2011 wedding to Kris Humphries, as did Lohan's mother, Dina, and her sister, Ali.
While it may be too late to hope for these one-time buds to reunite, let's hope that, at the very least, these two find a way to let the other one live.

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