Lindsay Lohan Is Designing Her Own Island Because Why Not?

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The ever-inscrutable Lindsay Lohan has a new goal in sight: She'd like to have her own island. Lohan told television host Wendy Williams that she's actually in the process of designing her own isle, as per The Cut. It will be called Lohan Island and here's hoping it will feature televisions playing The Parent Trap on loop.
"I'm discussing designing an island in Dubai at the world islands," Lohan explained.
This is part of a business venture on the part of Lohan, who seems to be morphing into a mogul of sorts. She already has a club in Athens, Greece, as well as an upcoming one in Mykonos. Like her island, Lohan's clubs are named after herself.
"I figured, I've gone to enough. I should have my own," Lohan told Williams re: clubs. As for the island, Lohan is currently "designing" it, which is a thing you can do in 2018. The island will be part of the World islands, an artificial archipelago in the Persian gulf meant to look like a map of the world. The World islands is one of those far-off ideas that feels more like the setting of a sci-fi novel than a real place, but it does indeed exist. According to an article in Big Think, the World contains an island called "The Heart of Europe," where German engineering will somehow manufacture a Gulf island covered in snow as well as outdoor climate-controlled streets.
This all a part of the new Lohan brand, an international effort that, in addition to new business dealings, has included providing aid to Syrian refugees and becoming a vocal advocate for the Muslim community.
And Lohan will be one of the first celebrities to put her name down on an island. If this seems like something Donald Trump would do — purchasing an island and naming it after yourself — you're right! Lohan knows it, too.
"I'm out-Trumping Trump," she said triumphantly.
Watch the full interview, below.
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