Kanye West & Virgil Abloh Interned At Fendi, "Didn't Do Sh*t"

Since reactiviating his Twitter account two weeks ago, Kanye West has already amassed over 300 tweets. He literally will not shut up. When the rapper isn’t talking about his logic behind supporting Trump, he's sharing his latest music, and he doesn’t seem to care what fans he loses in the process.
On Tuesday, West Tweeted out an interview with The Breakfast Club’s radio personality Charlamagne Tha God. In the hour and 45-minute sit down, West said, “I got feelings, bruh. I got feelings. I be feeling a way.” And has he ever.
Beyond The Great Taylor Swift Incident, Jay Z and Beyoncé skipping out on his wedding to Kim Kardashian, and getting liposuction, the rapper got emotional about his style career, from his close friend and collaborator Virgil Abloh being named menswear artistic director at Louis Vuitton to working with Adidas.
“Nobody owes me anything but I’m still going to feel what I feel,” he said. Well, here's how Kanye West feels about the fashion industry.
Bernard Arnault Is His Idol
“Bernard Arnault is the richest person in fashion. He’s the head of the LVMH group. I’ve been to his house before. I’ve shaken hands to do a deal before with this man. He’s one of my idols, like Jay Z. He’s cold. He made culture before there was culture, because he set the platform before there was the Internet to hire John Galliano from Central Saint Martins, one of Louis Wilson’s students; to hire Marc Jacobs. He had the vision. This man is a visionary. He is one of my idols. I feel his energy. I love him and he loves me.”
Virgil Abloh Apparently Graduated From The School Of Donda...
“They have two main schools that have raised the fashion icons: Parsons in New York and Central Saint Martins in London. Arnault and [François-Henri] Pinault [CEO of Kering Group], that is their recruiting camp. They go there. And now the breakthrough of Virgil is, now we have someone who has come from Donda, who has come from the school of Kanye West. And I hear people talk about "Oh, he ain’t go to school.' Oh, we went to school, all right.”
…& Learned How To Become A “Photoshop Artist"
“We were doing JPEGs in Japan, we were making photoshop so much and not making clothes, we started joking about the JPEGs... We couldn’t figure out how to actually make the clothes, so we’d just do it in photoshop. And Virgil became the fastest photoshop artist that I have ever met in my life.”
The Two Interned Together at Fendi
“We interned at Fendi but we ain’t do shit. We ain’t get to do nothing. We were just happy to have a key card.”
Abloh Waited Until The Last Minute To Tell Him About Louis Vuitton
“You know, there is some validation in the fact that someone that I came up with is now the head of Louis Vuitton. That was a slight, I shouldn’t have worded it like that. Virgil is the head of menswear, Nicolas Ghesquière is the head of womenswear, but Arnault is the head. I just want to word it right. Every time we say head, it’s like a slight to Nicolas. Nicolas is the God. The best, top, top number one designer in the world.”
But Kanye Understood Why
“You know me, I’m wild. He had to work with me for 10 years. My reputation is like The Devil Wears Prada. People are mindful of the way they give me information, too. He wasn’t like ‘I’m going to…’ He laid it out in a very specific way. I showed him the Yeezy Season Six campaign, I showed him Paris Hilton, I showed him this and that. But he knew he was going to Louis Vuitton at that time because he did System magazine, an LVMH magazine. Whenever they are about to prep up a new talent they put them on System magazine. Just to kind-of put it in the ethos of this is who we’re going to put here.”
He Isn’t Mad, But He Is A Little Hurt
"This happened right after the fashion show in February. I met with Arnault in February, we shook our hands on the [Yeezy/LVMH] deal, and then his son called me and he said, 'You know, it’s dropped at the board. We don’t think it’s going to be profitable before we run out of money.' They only wanted to invest 30 million into it. You need to invest at least 100 million if you’re making a new brand. I know that was a stunt [to say only 30 million], but people need to get higher ceilings and shit. This is Diddy talk. This is what Khaled be talking about. When they pulled on the deal, as I went into Season Two, we didn’t have any production partner and the collection never went to market. The first collection with Adidas had line-ups and there was nothing to fall back on for the second collection due to that negotiation. So the hurtful part was, they agreed to support my clothing, and guess who was one of my designers? Virgil.”
It’s Okay Though, He's Building His Own Empire At Yeezy
“Our mission and what we fought for is to be able to take the best talents in the world and land that price point which we haven’t done yet. We’re not interested in high fashion. I’m changing the concept, the idea of luxury. Time is a luxury. Space is a luxury. Friends are a luxury. Getting your vision out into the world is a luxury.”
Oh, & He Isn’t Into Wearing Labels Right Now
“People call me homeless all the time. But this is my confidence. I don’t wear branding. When I see branding, I see insecurity. And I see people buying security. Buying it back through a brand. Protection, a badge. Like, don’t mess with me in high school…I got Supreme on.”

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