The One Product Chrissy Teigen Swears By For Her Stretch Marks

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Much like the Gallagher family and Donald Trump on Twitter at 3 AM, Chrissy Teigen is, in a word, shameless. It's why we love her, and it's why her recent admission to Refinery29 comes as no surprise: "I'm from a real stretch mark-prone family," the star, who's expecting her second child with husband John Legend, tells us. "I had stretch marks way before the baby. Mine went to my inner thighs for some reason — my thighs just got really angry one year."
Not that this is news to her collective 27 million followers on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, where she's shared a handful of photos of her self-proclaimed "stretchies." (Closely followed by the tweets that explain, "I do not post stretchies for the praise. I post it because the wine also I like the pattern and they're so soft.") How she's learned to prevent them, though, is the real revelation.
"Sometimes, we only take care of our skin when we see a breakout happening, but with stretch marks, it's all about prevention," Teigen says. "I'm big now, so it's hard for me to bend over. John helps me a lot with everything at the end of the night. Luna loves helping out. It's exhausting to do this 10-15 minute session of lubing up your belly and body, with all these different layers, especially when you're like, 'I don't even have a stretch mark yet!'"

Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

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What goes into this lengthy routine she's referring to, exactly? "I have naturally dry skin, so I use Aquaphor on my elbows," she says. "I like coconut oil. Honestly, a lot of it comes from Lumière because I worked with them and they send it to me. That's one of the only beauty campaigns I did where it was like, I would do this just for products. I don't need money, I don't need anything — Lumière is just such an incredible product. I use their concentrate on my belly, especially around the sides because you never know where stretch marks are going to pop up. The only place I don't have stretch marks on my body is my belly. The other places that have them are from regular wear and tear of my body."
And while celebrities may drive fancy cars and live in houses worthy of an MTV Cribs episode, Teigen explains stretch marks don't discriminate. "People are so worried and so self-conscious of them, but I've never seen a woman without them," she says. "I've worked with every supermodel in the world. I'm lucky to know that the most incredibly beautiful women all have stretch marks and all have the butt dimples. It really is our common bond."

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