Chrissy Teigen Opened Up About Her Period Breakouts — & Twitter Is LOVING It

Calling a celebrity “relatable” because they share normal human experiences has been done one too many times, particularly when the celebrity in question happens to be Chrissy Teigen. So you’ll have to forgive us, because there’s no better way to describe the model’s latest social-media update, where she put her hormonal acne on full blast, than just that: relatable.
Teigen posted a quickie Twitter video calling out her “period skin,” and from what we can tell, it bears all the telltale signs of the red, angry breakouts that pop up like clockwork at a certain time each month. “So mad,” she wrote in the caption.
And we're not the only ones who loved Crissy's acne confession — The Twitter-verse was abuzz with supportive reactions.
For anyone who's also dealt with this kind of inflamed hormonal acne, then you'll know exactly what Teigen means: It isn't just the person struggling with the acne who is angry about having acne, but the actual skin feels incredibly red, tender, and even hot to the touch. That's what differentiates hormonal breakouts from your regular surface whiteheads, blackheads, and clogged pores: Your hormonal fluctuations are coming from within, so the usual spot treatments and drying lotions can't do much good on their own.
We're willing to bet that Teigen dealt with her case by visiting a derm — a cortisone injection is generally the fastest, easiest, and ultimately most painless way of nixing one of those suckers. Then again, if we were Chrissy Teigen, we'd figure out a way to smuggle a few syringes of the stuff out of our go-to celebrity dermatologist's office for at-home use. It's not exactly legal, but desperate — hormonal — times call for desperate measures.
How do you deal with hormonal breakouts? Tell us in the comments below.

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