Chrissy Teigen Revealed A New, Lighter Hair Look That Is Summer-Ready

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Chrissy Teigen is cool for the summer with an even cooler new look. Teigen debuted a brand new hair color, which finds her going lighter. Like, way lighter than she's been in awhile. Fitting really, since summer is the time to go for a bolder, blonder look.
In the late night tweet Teigen sent to announce her latest look, she looks quite shocked. Or, maybe she's just showing off that impressive diamond ring of hers along with her flawless manicure and even more flawless fresh face? With her hand pressed against her mouth she tweeted, "New color," along with three heart emoji because one just wouldn't be enough, obvi.
Teigen wasn't giving up many details about her new look, but her Snapchat gave us a behind the scenes look at what went into getting it. In the only clip from her night at the salon, she shows the process, which includes a whole lot of foils to cover her long hair and the Snapchat filter that lets you puke blue glitter. The dry-heaving noises definitely add a nice, gross touch to the process.
To get those blonde highlights, Teigen had some help from colorist Liz Jung from L.A.'s Meché Salon, co-owned by Tracey Cunningham & Neil Weisberg, who have been known to help Teigen reach peak hair anytime of the year. "This happened tonight with @chrissyteigen," Jung posted on Instagram.
Thanks to Jung's hashtags we know that Teigen's #blonder look was meant to mimic the French technique balayage, which has been a thing for a while but is totally in right now. What it gives you is a naturally sun-kissed look that makes you look like a kid again. Quite literally, since it's an attempt to copy the natural look most children's hair has with a mix of light and dark highlights.
While Marie Claire UK noted earlier this month that balayage is usually done free-hand without foils to achieve a softer look, Jung seemed to be putting her own spin on the process. No surprise that Jung would follow the beat of her own drum, being that Teigen is a bit of rule breaker herself. Hello, those tweets about her friend Beyoncé's hubby Jay-Z.
Hopefully, Teigen will follow Jung's advice when it comes to maintaining her new look. Jung told Mane Addicts that back in May that her biggest piece of coloring advice is to use Olaplex, a hair treatment that helps strengthen damaged hair. "We go to the gym so that we can eat whatever we want. Same thing with hair," Jung said. "You Olaplex so that you can damage it again with color or other chemical treatments!” Got it, Chrissy?
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