Katy Perry's New Hair Color Was Inspired By Cherry Blossoms

It was just three days ago that Lucy Hale upgraded her short bob with a hint of pink. Now, the latest celebrity to follow the trend is Katy Perry. Katy’s hair stylist, Rick Henry, said in an Instagram post that the two were inspired by the beauty of the cherry blossoms they saw while in Asia on tour — and he certainly took that pixie cut to the next level.
We can’t say that we’re too surprised by Katy’s decision to switch up her look again. The artist has had many hair styles and many colors; she’s certainly never been afraid to be bold.
But the product that made this transformation happen is Joico’s Color Butter, an easy find at Ulta Beauty. It’s actually a temporary color product that washes out in 10 shampoos, so we’re not too sure how long Katy will stay this way.
Whether it’s the color pink specifically or the idea of refreshing their look, these celebrities are onto something. But we hate to say we told you so. Back in February, Refinery29’s beauty writer, Mi-Anne Chan, predicted that pink was going to be the color of the year. And she made the drastic transformation herself from a sharp black to pastel pink. Except her decision came with some consequences and a little bit more upkeep — perhaps that’s why these celebrities are deciding to go the temporary route.
The allure in a product like Joico’s Color Butter or Lucy’s choice of Kristin Ess’ Temporary Spray is definitely color without commitment. We understand how sacred hair can be and how change is not for everyone. But if you think pink is an extreme and a little too far out of your comfort zone, keep in mind there are other shades like rose gold that might be more of your style. Now that we’ve seen others take the risk and are quite frankly, in love with the look, well that just might spark a little hair rebellion in ourselves.
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