Lucy Hale Makes Temporary Hair Color Spray Look Good — Here's How She Did It

The occasion in which someone would habitually reach for a temporary color spray for their hair is few and far between (unless, of course, your schedule this summer is packed with music festivals to attend or you're already planning your Halloween costume). Still, that doesn't make the look any less fun to try — provided you do it the right way.
Exhibit A: Lucy Hale, today, with bright pink hair courtesy of Kristin Ess' Rose Gold Temporary Tint. The actress and undisputed hair color chameleon posted her new 'do to Instagram with the caption, "Pink you very much ? complete Aria vibes." And suffice to say, it's good enough to make a believer out of even the most traditional person among us.

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It's not just that Hale can make any dye job look good (although there is truth in that). But what makes this end result so impressive is that it's not the chalky, sticky, obvious temporary spray-in color we've all come to know — and fear.
So, how did hairstylist Kristin Ess make it look like the real thing? She tells Refinery29 that the key is all in the product itself, which you apply to dry hair before showering and leave on for five minutes. For a super vibrant pink hue, like Lucy's, "make sure you really saturate the hair," she says. "Use your fingers or a detangling brush to work it though. Leave it for a couple minutes before rinsing." (If you want a softer pastel color, she suggests using it in the shower between shampoo and conditioner on damp hair.)
But the best part about it: "It only lasts two to three shampoos so there's nothing scary about it," Ess says. "It's a great way to decide if you want to do something more permanent."
Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint, $12, available at Target.

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