Your Rainbow-Hair Dreams, (Temporarily) Realized

We're not exactly sure what makes colorful hair so synonymous with festival season, but we do know this is prime time to play around with out-of-the-box hues. We are, of course, also aware the green hair you plan to sport at Firefly may not go over well with your office HR. So, how do you reconcile your love of fluorescent hair with your 9-to-5? Easy — just go the noncommittal route.
Ahead, we rounded up a handful of magical DIY saviors you can use to get the look. From chalks to sprays to powders, these products place you just a teensy step away from the My Little Pony strands you've always wanted. The best part? The color will be gone in just a couple of shampoos. Your boss will be none the wiser — and that's a win for everyone.

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