These Are The Beauty Treatments Celebs Are Too Embarrassed To Be Seen Doing

Illustration by Louisa Cannell
What you do when you're alone (behind the bathroom door, in front of a mirror, without your phone) is your business. If you're into beauty, you might use that time to go to town on ingrown hairs plaguing your bikini line. Maybe you'll dance in place until the four different face masks on your ass start to dry. Or take 37 selfies of your body moles for monthly self-monitoring.
Hey, we all have an unusual habit. And while we've already established that celebrities are not, in fact, just like us, that doesn't mean they don't have one, too. Luckily, stars like Madonna and Rashida Jones (and plenty of others) aren't as shy about airing their dirty beauty laundry. So we asked them to spill the goods.
Get ready to feel a hell of a lot better about what you like to keep between you and your mirror — because when John Wooden said it's the things you do when no one is watching that reveal your true character, he probably wasn't thinking about beauty treatments.

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