The Secret Beauty Treatments We Do When We’re Alone

There are few things in life more intimate than our beauty routines. Think about it — the majority of the preening and primping we do takes place in the privacy of our own bathrooms, while we're alone. But most of the time, if a roommate or S.O. were to pop in, we wouldn't be too bothered. What's so bad about your friend seeing you mid-mask?
However, there are certain beauty behaviors we save for when we know we're 100% alone. The waxing, the shaving, the extracting, the rubbing of oils in odd places — we love doing it, but we're not about to Instagram it.
Well, now we're spilling the beans on these grooming moments that we normally keep between ourselves and our mirrors. Click through to see our staff's secret single beauty behaviors, and then tell us: What do you do behind closed bathroom doors?

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