How Women All Over The World Wear Rose Gold Hair

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images.
There's no shortage of ways to embrace pink hair, which has become the most popular hair color trend of the past few years — and there are just as many clever names to describe it. When it comes to placement, there are a variety of techniques to pick from — like the peach under slice, color melts, or vibrant rooting (all of which you'll see ahead). When it comes to the hue, even more choices open up: blorange, rose gold, soft peach... the list goes on and on.
A lot of these trends tend to skew regional, which means you may find that the majority of pink hair in your city looks, well, kind of the same. Expand your horizons, however, and you’ll see that women in Tokyo go for a single process over bleached hair, while those in Canada prefer a whisper of color, and Australia is all about a melted look.
Guy Tang, one of the leading rainbow colorists in the world, says that this makes sense, as the look is almost entirely dependent upon the creativity and taste of the colorist. “When I create color, I want it to be blended so it doesn’t hurt the eyes and it complements the skin tone." The same goes for the tone. Take, for example, the latest craze: “Every artist sees rose gold differently,” Tang says. “Some see it as a warmer tone, while some see as a cooler hue. For me, I prefer cooler.”
So what does this mean for hair in different parts of the world? Click ahead for a look at how women do pink in different countries — then bookmark this page to bring to your own colorist. And here we thought you had to start at the airport to find global inspiration.

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