How Women All Over The World Wear Rose Gold Hair

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There's no shortage of ways to embrace pink hair, which has become the most popular hair color trend of the past few years — and there are just as many clever names to describe it. When it comes to placement, there are a variety of techniques to pick from — like the peach under slice, color melts, or vibrant rooting (all of which you'll see ahead). When it comes to the hue, even more choices open up: blorange, rose gold, soft peach... the list goes on and on.
A lot of these trends tend to skew regional, which means you may find that the majority of pink hair in your city looks, well, kind of the same. Expand your horizons, however, and you’ll see that women in Tokyo go for a single process over bleached hair, while those in Canada prefer a whisper of color, and Australia is all about a melted look.
Guy Tang, one of the leading rainbow colorists in the world, says that this makes sense, as the look is almost entirely dependent upon the creativity and taste of the colorist. “When I create color, I want it to be blended so it doesn’t hurt the eyes and it complements the skin tone." The same goes for the tone. Take, for example, the latest craze: “Every artist sees rose gold differently,” Tang says. “Some see it as a warmer tone, while some see as a cooler hue. For me, I prefer cooler.”
So what does this mean for hair in different parts of the world? Click ahead for a look at how women do pink in different countries — then bookmark this page to bring to your own colorist. And here we thought you had to start at the airport to find global inspiration.
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The UK

At iconic, cool-kid salon Bleach London, colorists are finding new ways to play with the trendy shade. This "peach under slice" calls upon a strong dose of color underneath, while leaving the top bleached.
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Calling this color "awkward peach" made us like it even more. It's proof that all you need is a touch of color for a look that garners double takes.
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This version of peach balayage is so perfectly paired with this UK bloggers' complexion, it's no surprise that it's a custom blend from her colorist. Ask yours to mix up a tone that flatters your skin, instead of relying on something everyone else may have.
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The look is warmer in Tokyo, with a unique blend of rosy brown taking hold at "It" salon Bulb in the Shibuya neighborhood.
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This take has a touch more purple, but maintains the same even tone technique from the previous slide.
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Colorists at Lola Salon in Toronto call this look "blush balayage" — and we see why. Just a bit of color makes for a fresh and wearable take on the look. Almost like your hair is flushed.
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This classic take on pink ombré is also popular — and just as easy to maintain.
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We're finding things to be very even in the City Of Lights. By which we mean, soft washes of vibrant pastel color from root to tip reign supreme.
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When it comes to going pink Down Under, there are two main techniques trending online, both done in soft, pastel pink. The first is a solid hit of color, from root to tip, with hidden dimension for a luminous finish.

Here, at Salon XIV in Melbourne, this soft, one-tone color is called "rose pastel."
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A world away in Wollongong (about an hour outside of Sydney), the latest trend is also an even, singular shade.
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Of course, the Aussie favorite — color melts — are still huge. This is one of the softest versions of pink we've seen — and we love it.
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Although novel, pink color melts are popping up from the bottom down, too. Enter: pink rooting.
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Speaking of soft pink, the look in Lagos is rooted and just a touch deeper than a whisper of pastel pigment.
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Colorists in Helsinki excel at this color-melt-meets-ombré take on the trend. It's by far the most golden in our slideshow, and perfect for deep shades of brown. Swoon!
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Don't want to fully commit? If you have platinum hair, simply try a pink toner. This next version is a bit less like a hint — and more like a whisper of pink.
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Finland's take on classic rose gold is just as gorgeous as you'd expect.
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Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, colorists are looking to candy-colored pink for inspiration. Actually, this could be our favorite in the lot.
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South Korea

Perhaps one of our most modern versions in this list, we have South Korean "It Girl" Irene Kim, spotted here at Fashion Week last month wearing a candy-colored hue with just a touch of dimension — a bit darker at the tips and through the front, while lighter at the roots.
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Tips done in rose gold are all the rage in Brazil — and look especially gorgeous on curly hair.
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Unlike what we're finding in neighboring Finland, women in Sweden seem to be more influenced by the Aussie and American favorite: rose gold balayage.
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South Africa

Spend a little time digging around online and you'll find that South African rainbow trends are exactly the opposite — root-free! Solid, one-tone colors are where it's at in metropolitan Johannesburg.
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And they're damn vibrant, too. This is the boldest color on our list — and one of our top picks.
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This color spotted in Guatemala takes strawberry blond to a whole new level — the more pink the better, and just in time for rosé season.
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California, U.S.

This Californian stylist explains that she colored her hair with bronze peach and rose tones from Joico Intensity, "but the shade was a little too pink so we toned with Redken Shades EQ to soften the color a bit." Looks like she got it just right.
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