This Famous In Love Storyline Is Ripped From Hollywood's Darkest Headlines

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Last season on Famous In Love, Bella Thorne's Paige was cast in a major motion picture and had to navigate not only instant stardom, but also a love triangle between her BFF Jake (Charlie DePaw) and troubled new co-star Rainer (Carter Jenkins). This season, however, Paige's life is getting far more complicated — and a lot more dangerous.
According to Thorne's new interview with Entertainment Weekly, romantic drama will take a back seat to "darker" elements of Paige's Hollywood dream. That includes something celebrities like Taylor Swift, Sandra Bullock, and Keira Knightley know, unfortunately, all too much about: what it's like to have a stalker.
Thorne told Entertainment Weekly:
"[Season two of Famous In Love is] a little bit darker than season 1... I get a stalker, which is very scary for Paige."
Famous In Love is no stranger to violence (season 1 ended with a "whodunnit" mystery after a TMZ-esque reporter is shot) but this stalker plotline is perhaps one of the more grounded elements of the Hollywood-set series. While season one of the Freeform show focused on story arcs like how Paige will balance college with being a brand-new It Girl, bringing in a stalker is a reminder that there is a dark underbelly of fame that is often overshadowed by the glitz and glamour.
This won't be the first time Thorne dipped into dark territory. The actress was the first murder victim on MTV's Scream: The TV Series. She has also played a stalker in the Netflix movie You Get Me. (Though I prefer to think that her character was just wildly misunderstood.)
As for where Paige is this season? Well, Thorne says that we can look forward to a girl who is taking control of her career and life.
"It was so annoying for me in the first season because I was like, 'Stop getting stepped on!'," Thorne told EW of Paige. "She definitely becomes a badass this season. She makes her own decisions, she says what she wants, and she fires her whole team, which is awesome."
Let's hope that Paige's newfound badass ways means she's able to take control of her scary stalker situation as well.

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