The New Scream TV Series Trailer Is Terrifying

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
Lakewood may seem like any old suburban town filled with teens who attend class, hang out after school, throw the occasional party, and park their rides by the water in the summertime. On the contrary, in MTV's new series, we learn that Lakewood is freaking scary as hell. Based on the popular horror franchise, Scream the series chronicles the aftermath of the murder of Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne, in a doomed, Drew Barrymore-style cameo), a beautiful, and wealthy teen at Lakewood High school. Thorne seems to be enjoying a "typical" relaxing evening at her mansion, taking a dip in the jacuzzi and answering her many texts. Then comes a message from Tyler O'Neill: "Heads up." (Side bar: Prepare to never want to set "note" as your alert tone again.) It's all freakishly uphill from there. Blood, booze, boyfriends, and high school drama may seem like familiar territory. But from the looks of this trailer, the series is helping us remember why we love them so. "Everyone tells secrets. Everyone tells lies. And, everyone is fair game." Be afraid, be very afraid, thanks to MTV, on June 30. Take a look at the full trailer below.

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