Should We Expect A Famous In Love Season 2?

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Warning: Famous In Love season 1 finale spoilers ahead.
For the Famous In Love bingers among us, they’ve known since mid-April 2017 that the new Freeform series closes with a romantic cliffhanger, as the entire Hollywood press corps demands to know whether Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne) will choose boy next door Jake Salt (Charlie DePew) or troubled heartthrob Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins). But, viewers watching Famous on regular old television every week only just caught up on all the love triangle drama with the network premiere of the finale "Leaving Los Angeles." Now, the entire fandom has one big question: will Famous In Love return for a season 2?
"Los Angeles” certainly leaves lots of purposefully laid loose ends, just in case Famous is greenlit for a sophomore run. Paige obviously has a big romantic decision in front of her. Locked, the movie-within-a-TV-show, hasn't even finished filming yet yet. And all-knowing Hollywood gossip monger Barrett Hopper (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) was just shot point-blank in a secluded lot by a mysterious assailant. It’s no surprise viewers want some closure.
Although Freeform has yet to make a public decision about its latest teen drama, it’s clear the the cast, crew, and network is working to bring the show back. When asked if fans should expect more Famous In Love, the net’s VP of current programming Jennifer Gerstenblatt tells Deadline, "We love it too, and we’re really trying and talking." This is especially good news for viewers since Gerstenblatt threw her support behind the young adult soap within the last week during the Austin Television Festival.
While the network and the Famous team "talk" things through, the cast is already considering their characters’ next moves. "I feel like she doesn't belong with either character," star Bella Thorne tells Entertainment Tonight of Paige's competing love interests Rainer and Jake. "She should keep them both mellow and try and figure out her own shit and concentrate for a minute, because clearly, she's very lost and doesn't know how to handle these kinds of situations she gets herself into." Considering Paige’s wide-eyed terror in the final seconds of "Leaving Los Angeles," Thorne probably has a point. Still, official Rainer Devon advocate Carter Jenkins thinks his character should end up victorious in this love triangle, saying, "For Paige to kind of find her way through Hollywood, to navigate through the right people, it would be really smart of her to have Rainer by her side because obviously, you can see he truly does care."
Despite all of this theorizing, the ratings aren’t exactly in Famous In Love’s favor. Last week’s penultimate episode, "Fifty Shades of Red," lost nearly 70% of lead-in Pretty Little Liars’ viewership, according to ratings analysis from It’s possible the all important finale showed an uptick, but it’s too early to tell. At least there’s some good news among these less-than-stellar numbers. Viewership has actually been improving for weeks, and, with PLL wrapping for good in a matter of days, Freeform probably can’t afford to lose another series connected to I. Marlene King. Plus, we all know tons of cord-cutting Generation Z and Y-ers binged the series months ago online, so traditional TV ratings are only a piece of the puzzle here.
We just might hear Paige remind people it’s "Paige Townsen-without-a-D" again after all.
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