All The Times Bella Thorne & Her Famous In Love Character Were The Same Person

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Famous In Love isn’t like a regular show. It’s a cool show. Unlike all those series for Olds, the entire premiere season of the Freeform series is available to binge on its website. That means we’ve seen all of Paige Townsen’s Hollywood transformation from college student unknown to the kind of superstar who casually enjoys private jets.
Over the course of Famous In Love’s 10 episodes, I couldn’t stop noticing the similarities between Paige and her real-life portrayer, Bella Thorne. In the series, Paige goes to a sprawling casting call for upcoming blockbuster Locked and actually gets the part. Season 1 follows the young woman’s journey towards accepting her new billboard-ready persona.
Although Bella is a Hollywood veteran who started acting at the age of six and co-led a Disney Channel show by 13, she still has tons in common with her silver screen newbie character. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the gallery to see all the moments Paige and Bella are essentially the same person. You’ll never look at Famous In Love the same way again.

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