Bella Thorne's New Movie Is Your Worst Nightmare

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
Don't want to wait until Halloween to get your horror fix? No worries: The new trailer for Bella Thorne's movie Keep Watching is here to make sure you never sleep again.
Thorne, who just celebrated the renewal of her Freeform series Famous In Love, is no stranger to scary movies. In addition to films like Amityville Horror: The Awakening, the actress recently starred in Netflix's You Get Me, a Fatal Attraction-esque thriller in which she plays a murderous party girl. But it doesn't seem like Thorne will be doing much of the murdering in Keep Watching — the new trailer paints her and her family as victims of a twisted group's deadly game.
Can the family fight back and survive the night? We'll have to watch the new film to find out, but this won't be an easy situation to escape from. For one thing, the family's stalkers have video surveillance of their every move — surveillance that, seemingly, will make up the footage of the actual film. The found-footage style definitely makes for an unsettling viewing experience, but it's made all the more unsettling when the family is delivered a bouquet of balloons with a note that reads "We See You."
...When did balloons become an instrument of torture? And is that note more or less scary than Pennywise the Clown's "We All Float Down Here?" Either way, nope. Nope. Nope.
There's no release date yet for the upcoming film, but the movie has actually been in the works for a while — which may explain why Thorne is rocking her one-time signature bangs. Production began in November of 2013, under the title Home Invasion.
These scares have been a long time in the making — but we don't have to wait for the full film to be royally freaked out by Thorne's latest venture. The trailer has done enough.

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