Ryan Reynolds Is Finally Back To Rom-Coms

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Forget trying new things in 2018. Ryan Reynolds is trying old things again, and I'm here for it. According to Deadline, the Deadpool star is making another romantic comedy, and it's exactly what we all should want from him.
Per the new report, Reynolds will team up with the producers of The Proposal for an upcoming movie. The film is still untitled and has not released a logline yet, but the genre alone should be enough to get Reynolds fans stoked about the project.
If you have followed Blake Lively's husband's career over the years, you already know that he's pretty hilarious — onscreen, and on social media, where he trolls his wife on her birthday and reveals bone-chilling details about how his children love the part in Disney movies where the parents die. But he's extra hilarious when he's paired with a romantic lead.
Let's talk 2009's The Proposal — not even close to his first film, but certainly one that made the world realize the Van Wilder dude was a bonafide movie star. I mean, Betty White was in it, and we still noticed Reynolds' performance.
Of course, there's also 2004's Just Friends, a film that, though pretty problematic upon a 16th viewing, also features Reynolds, wearing a retainer, trying to woo Amy Smart — and it's comedy gold, honestly. (Lest we forget, Anna Faris also deserves all the awards for her portrayal of a just-this-side-of-Britney-Spears pop star. She also told Refinery29 that she is down for a sequel, in case Reynolds is in the market for more rom-coms after this project.)
Even Reynolds' film Deadpool, albeit a Marvel movie, also features a pretty lovely, and very funny, love story. It was a Valentine's Day movie.
The excitement over this upcoming rom-com isn't over the fact that Reynolds has shied away from comedies — it's just that, well, he never quite got to live up to his romantic comedy lead potential.
Over the years, Reynolds' focus shifted towards action comedies, or even straight-up action flicks. Occasionally, he became the comedic relief in not-quite-so-funny flicks like Life or showed off his dramatic chops in movies like Buried. But what Reynolds needs now is his own Crazy, Stupid Love.
Nay — what we need is for Reynolds to make his own Crazy, Stupid Love. 2018 Reynolds still has all the makings of a rom-com hero, and the world is waiting.
Now, we just need Blake Lively to sign on as his co-worker/publicist/brother's girlfriend/dog walker/whoever ends up ultimately falling for his character to make this good Reynolds news the best Reynolds news.

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