Anna Faris Wants A Just Friends Sequel

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images for Visa Checkout.
This holiday season, we're watching our favorite Christmas movies on repeat. And you better believe that includes Just Friends. On Tuesday night, we spoke with Anna Faris as part of her Visa Checkout campaign — and we had to know: If it were an option, would she do a sequel?

"Oh god, I would love to," she told Refinery29. "I would love to." Though there is the question of what exactly the plot of that movie would be. "I don't know where Samantha is now, but she's probably not in a great place," Faris told us, laughing.

She said she looks back at her role of Samantha quite fondly. "I loved getting to be so obnoxious, like unapologetically obnoxious in that movie," Faris explained. "And getting to wear those crazy costumes and getting to be awful. It’s such a release to play a character who’s atrocious."

Faris was happy to reminisce over the film. "It was so fun, and I love that it’s sort of found a following.”

So, does this mean we get to see Ryan Reynolds with braces again? Or, better yet, does this mean we can finally purchase a copy of Samantha's hit single, "Forgiveness?"

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