Chris Pratt Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Gushing Over How Funny Anna Faris Is

Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty Images
A dude who makes you laugh is a keeper. One who respects that you are a comedy goddess who knows no match? Well, that's someone you put a ring on. Chris Pratt is that guy for Anna Faris, and isn't afraid to let the world know just how funny he thinks his wife is. The Guardians of the Galaxy star revealed just how much he loved Faris' turn as hilariously delusional pop star Samantha James in 2005's Just Friends when a fan tweeted him about the movie. Pratt — who, like all of us, hasn't gotten "Forgiveness" out of his head for over a decade — tweeted, "So funny!!! Was just talking about this. Anna is soooo GD funny. Greatest supporting role in a comedy ever. IMO"
As someone who finds Just Friends perpetually underrated — sure, it has some problematic "nice guy" stuff going on, but Ryan Reynolds and Faris have never been funnier — Pratt's love of the film is so refreshing. It's also particularly sweet, considering it's a totally random reminder that he thinks the Mom actress is the funniest lady ever. The actor soon began retweeting fans' favorite lines, like "SORRY I'M NOT THE MOST BORING PERSON EVER!!!" Even Captain America himself — a.k.a. Chris Evans, who co-starred with Faris on What's Your Number? — got in on the action, tweeting, "@prattprattpratt '...ooooo the big speech....' Best line in the movie hands down."
Love is real — especially the funny love that these two kids share.

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