Jhené Aiko Just Got Real About Why Her Skin Always Looks So Good

Some celebrities are notoriously tight-lipped about their love lives... but are more than open when it comes to their skin-care routines. Thankfully for us, singer Jhené Aiko is open when it comes to both. We're just as obsessed with her relationship with Big Sean as we are with her gorgeous skin (and face, and voice... ). And someone with a face like hers should share the wealth, you know? Turns out that the Grammy Award nominee credits her clear complexion to Fraxel laser treatments, and we're already tempted to book a session right now.

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On March 8, the Trip singer Instagrammed a selfie along with the caption, "Got laser on my face the other day and they burnt my forehead." Her fans pressed her for more details, and she delivered all the way. "I get Fraxel about twice a year. It's an intense laser treatment that improves texture, acne scars and enlarged pores," she wrote in the comments. "It's kinda expensive. And hurts like shit. Ur face micro scabs... the scabs fall off gradually... over a period of like 7 days. And then a new layer of skin is revealed... your face stays swollen for like another week. Its all so worth it tho lol."
Her experience mirrors that of most people who've tried the treatment. Dr. Jessica Weiser of the New York Dermatology Group once explained why Fraxel hurts so damn much. "Instead of completely destroying the surface of the skin [like older laser therapy did], it’s a pixelated-type destruction,” she said. “You’re making tiny micro-thermal zones. Those areas are then stimulating new collagen production.” But if the end result is looking as hot as Aiko, then it may be worth the temporary discomfort.
In between sessions, Aiko also has a really specific and dedicated product regimen. "I keep up the results w/ Alastin skin care, iS Clinical serums, [Cerave] wash, Lancer scrub and [Circcell Abo +|-] serum. Also I take collagen pills, drink kangen water, apple cider vinegar and take Super Food by Dr Shulze's daily!" She also mentioned that her birth control plays a part in her routine, too. "I [used] to have cystic acne due to ovarian cyst," she says. "The b.c. helps w/ that."
Despite the fact that her routine might set us back thousands of dollars, we're just grateful to have a celebrity who gets real about the process — and doesn't give water all the credit.

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