Child Icon Blue Ivy Carter Is Still Shushing Beyoncé In Public

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage
This is Blue Ivy Carter's world, and all of us — including Queen Bey — are just living in it.
Over the weekend, Blue attended the NBA All-Star game with her mom wearing thousands of dollars worth of designer brands. Though she probably couldn't have cared less whether Fergie improvised the National Anthem or LeBron James pulled a win over Stephen Curry, she did seem pretty invested in the teams' mascots, who picked her up for an improvised dance.
Diddy (who briefly demanded fans call him "Brother Love") caught the adorable action on camera and eagerly showed it off to Beyoncé. Something about this interaction didn't sit well with Blue, because she turned to her mom and scolded her in a way that would have prompted a swift attack from the Beygency had she been literally anyone else.
While Diddy seemed a bit taken aback (hey, he was just trying to capture a sweet moment!), Beyoncé didn't seem too phased by the presence of her daughter's finger flailing in her face, which is probably because, well, she's used to being shushed by her six-year-old daughter.
That little wagging forefinger has been seen at various sporting events and awards shows, including the 2018 Grammys when Blue shut parents Jay-Z and Bey the heck down when they clapped during Camila Cabello's moving speech.
The historic moment forever changed the world's perception of Blue, elevating her from famous kid to icon of her own right. The most important thing she's done, though, is remind the public that she, her parents, and her siblings are more normal than we credit them being. They're a family that shushes, that jokes, that fights, and that makes up — they just happen to wear nicer clothes and be in the public eye while doing so.
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