Living Icon Blue Ivy Had To Tell Beyoncé & Jay-Z To Calm The Eff Down

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One of the (many) perks of having Beyoncé and Jay Z for parents? Scoring a perfect seat at the Grammys. As she did in 2017 (while clad in a perfect pink suit!), 6-year-old Blue Ivy Carter rolled into the 2018 awards show with her fam squad this year. However, she did more than just watch the performers: She also schooled her music royalty mom and dad in Grammys etiquette.
Blue, already a budding boss, inadvertently created the most meme-able moment of the night when she essentially told her folks to take the excitement down a notch. After hearing Camila Cabello's beautiful speech about the importance of immigrants to the fabric of American society, Beyoncé and Jay-Z started clapping. After a few moments of applause, however, their daughter turned to them and seemingly signaled that it was time to cease such theatrics.
Here's video evidence:
It's hard to see exactly what Blue is saying here, but it certainly seemed to suggest that Bey and Jay stop clapping in order to get the show on the road.
The internet had plenty of theories — like, does Blue actually rule everything around us?
"Blue Ivy controlling the crowd and the world," mused one Twitter user.
Another predicted Blue's possible future career:
"Blue Ivy is my favorite TV talent show judge."
One more reminded everyone that Blue has a power no one else will ever have:
"Blue Ivy is the only person in the whole world who can tell Beyoncé to calm down."
Others joked that, perhaps, Blue was shading Camila Cabello for one specific reason:
"Blue Ivy is a harmonizer. Confirmed."
One thing's for sure: Blue, at just 6 years old, was having a night better than most people three times her age. I mean, here's her hanging out with Alicia Keys, like I have... never done.
Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images/NARAS
Keep living your best life, Blue.

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