Disney Employees Definitely Aren't Allowed To Do This

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The "Disney double point" isn't some sort of secret rewards program on your credit card. It's a strange affectation that Disney Parks employees use when they're pointing something out.
From the Jungle Cruise skippers hoping to show you the Eighth Wonder of the World to friendly churro vendors letting you know the quickest way to Peter Pan's Flight, park guests will always get a two fingered point. Why? According to Travel + Leisure, it's because in several cultures, a single index-finger point can be impolite. And knowing that Disney Parks draw guests from across the globe, it's best not to offend.
In countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia, it's considered rude. Outside of Southeast Asia, the gesture holds the same offense in Venezuela and Argentina, too. In many of those countries, using an open hand with the palm down is the best way to draw attention to something (either a person or an object) or direct someone. At Disney Parks, however, its customary for employees — called cast members — to use two fingers. There's a conspiracy theory around that, too, involving Walt Disney himself and one of his vices.
The Huffington Post reports that the gesture goes all the way back to Walt walking around the park with a cigarette in hand. Since he held it between two fingers, he gestured with two fingers, which is basically the Disney double point. These days, Disney has gone as far as photoshopping the cigarettes out of Walt's hand in promotional images, but Tom Hanks, who played Disney himself in the movie Saving Mr. Banks, confirmed the theory. In the film, he even used the double point while taking a spin on the carousel.

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A Disney employee told HuffPo that the very specific gesture is something ingrained in the staff as soon as they're hired. "The two-finger point is part of our training upon being hired in," the anonymous employee explained. (Mark Hamill didn't get the memo, though.) So, it's not just a strange habit or specific homage, it's more about keeping things courteous and welcoming to every Disney guest.
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