Bella Thorne's Boyfriend Doesn't Care About Her Acne

Say what you want about her, but you have to give props to Bella Thorne for her honesty. The woman bares her soul on every social media platform — addressing her sexuality on Twitter when she shouldn't have to, documenting her eyebrow microblading appointment on Snapchat without a second thought, and even talking openly about her bowel movements. Most people stand divided on her DGAF attitude — but when it comes to her acne flare-ups, it's safe to say the majority can appreciate that she keeps it real.
Among her biggest fans of the latter is her boyfriend, rapper Mod Sun. By the looks of the recent photo collage she posted to Twitter — and her caption, "When he loves you w your acne" — it is clear that she is proud of her new beau and her imperfect skin.
This is not the first time Thorne has spoken out about her skin struggles, either. In fact, she once told Refinery29 that she's learned to stop stressing over her zits: "When you have acne, you keep thinking about how ugly it is and how everyone is just looking at it all the time — and it makes it so much worse!" she explained. "I’m like, 'ARGH this pimple!' but then I stop and I’m like, ‘I love this pimple.’ It is so hard to take your own advice, but I try a little and hope it will get better."
No matter your opinion on her newfound relationship, you have to admit: The one thing that will always be better than romantic love, is self-love.
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