There's A Secret Feminist Message Hidden In Gigi Hadid's Look

Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.
Gigi Hadid may have ended last night with the distinctive honor of having been named one of Glamour's Women of the Year, but hours before she stepped on stage to accept an award presented to her by none other than Serena Williams, the model's day had begun as any other: with a bright-and-early appearance on the Today show. As you do.
While the rest of us were still coming to terms with the reality that it was, in fact, Monday, and we would, in fact, be expected to go to work sooner rather than later, Hadid was fresh-faced and ready for the 7 a.m. air time — but looking wide-awake mere minutes after sunrise wasn't the only thing she managed to pull off. If her inspirational commentary on female empowerment was food for thought, then Hadid's '80s-inspired makeup was total eye candy... and we couldn't look away.
With her long, straight hair slicked back off her face, matte skin, and monochromatic pink tones on her eyes, lips, and cheeks, Hadid's look was the perfect modern embodiment of '80s Businesswoman Barbie. It's a throwback not just to a different, pastel eyeshadow-filled decade, but to the crest of second-wave feminism, a moment in time where strong, capable women were demanding that their voices finally be heard in the workplace.
We've come a long way since then in some ways, and not so much in others — but either way, we imagine Hadid's pink lace powersuit, bright, shiny hot pink lip, and retro hairstyle are meant to convey exactly that. We see you, Gigi... or should we say, Woman of the Year.
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