How To Rock 4 Awesome Vintage ‘Dos

Whenever we're blasting our hair with turbo-powered blowdryers or yanking at our locks with technologically savvy flat irons, we can't help but think that it all seems so...unromantic. What happened to the hairstyling techniques of yore, like using soda cans as rollers, and the bodacious 'dos that they created?
Inspired by our grandmothers' best coiff tips, we decided to bring these old-school hair-setting techniques into the 21st century, with a little bit of help from Lizzy Weinberg and Rochelle LaBar from Pimps & Pinups Salon. These ladies showed up at our studio armed with mini Coke cans, pink foam rollers, and hand-ripped rags. Then, they whipped up all sorts of gorgeous 'dos that made us consider ditching the trendy blowout bars for good.
Click through for the step-by-step on how to snag these gorgeous looks for yourself, at home, with no special skills needed. This is the lo-fi route to gorgeous, bouncy waves and curls — get ready for a blast from the past!

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