This Drugstore Palette Is Just As Good As The Fancy Stuff — & Under $15

Buying makeup can get expensive, fast — especially if you're stocking up on the $100 face powders, $130 eyeshadow palettes, and $200 primers going viral these days. But for every new high-end wonder product, there's usually an equally amazing (and more affordable) item to be found. After all, drugstore makeup continues to get better and better — not just in formulation, but in the packaging, too.
Case in point: Maybelline's brand-new Total Temptation Shadow & Highlight Palette. The palette, which retails for $14.99 and launches online this week, contains everything a makeup lover needs (four warm, neutral eyeshadows for every day and four purple, smoky ones for a night out, plus two highlighters in Champagne and pink) and everything they want (pretty packaging that looks like a luxury product on your vanity).
When we tried it ourselves, we couldn't believe how easy the formula was to work with. The highlighters have a metallic finish that can be dusted on for a sheer veil of color, or layered for an almost wet effect. As far as the shadows go, don't let the bolder shades scare you: These ones are really blendable, so you can build up the color exactly to your liking — making it perfect for beginners. It even contains a matte black shade that you can use as liner or for intensifying a smoky eye. The packaging is worth writing home texting the group chat about, too. Maybelline's new palette is sleek, weighty, and millennial pink, meaning you'll actually want to put it on display — not relegate to a side drawer.
So if you have Champagne taste on a beer budget, you can pick up the palette online now or in drugstores nationwide come January. Curious to know what it looks like in action? Check out the video below to watch two staffers swatch and try it in the flesh.
Maybelline Total Temptation Shadow and Highlight palette, $14.99, available this week at Amazon.

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