We're Kind Of Surprised At How Much Kim Kardashian's Makeup Haul Costs

Photo: Via @kimkardashianwest/Instagram.
It's easy to assume Kim Kardashian West's beauty collection is stocked with high-end splurges that the average person could never afford. So that's why, when she posted a sneak peek of her makeup haul to Instagram last night, we immediately only saw the luxe brands. There was La Mer The Powder (which will set you back $95), and also Pat McGrath Labs Metalmorphosis 005 (another $165), and Sisley Double Tenseur ($192). But upon further investigation, we were surprised to learn that most of the other products in her loot looked a lot like... the stuff in our own makeup bags.
It sparked the question: How much does all of that really cost? Our curiosity got the best of us, so we did the math. The total, which estimated around $900, seemed surprisingly low. (That's only slightly higher than one 15-year-old girl spent on the Sephora website just a few months ago, after all.) Even her caption, "When did I become this person?!?" started to feel more relatable than ever.
Of course, it's safe to assume this isn't the mogul's entire beauty collection, and that there are probably plenty of other products we couldn't identify. But from what we could track down, the majority are the same items you'd find at Sephora. For example, KKW is hoarding three of Tarte's best-selling Shape Tape Concealer ($25), Becca's famous highlighter ($30), and Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer ($29). Ask any beauty buff and these are essentials to anyone's kit — famous or not.
Maybe Kim Kardashian West really is a lot more down to earth than people give her credit for. Rather than thinking of her as a pop culture icon, can we all start calling her what she really is: a woman who just really loves makeup... and needs a drawer organizer.
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