This Best-Selling Concealer Is On Sale For The First Time Ever — But Not For Long

Great sales are a dime a dozen, if you know where to look. But unlike the clearance bins at Forever 21, our favorite deals are hiding on the websites of some of our favorite beauty brands. Better still, the latest promotion isn't on last year's holiday leftovers or miniature tubes of mascaras. In fact, today's sale includes a best-seller that's never, ever been on sale before. Enter: Tarte's Tape Shape Contour Concealer.
To celebrate the brand's 17th birthday, Tarte is launching seven days of surprises exclusively on its site. That means one-day sales and never-before-seen launches rolling out all week long. And today is the day — the only day — you can finally get your hands on a Shape Tape Concealer for 25% off using the code "ShapeTape."
Just last summer you couldn't scroll through Instagram without seeing the full-coverage concealer pop up on your feed. Its popularity among editors, makeup artists, and the Queen of Contour herself, Kim Kardashian, is probably why it's never on sale. Not only does it consistently sell out at full price, but it's on rotation in our beauty routines season after season — it's just that good. Fair warning: If you're looking for a lightweight dewy finish, we suggest you steer your interests elsewhere, because this coverage does not mess around.
The brand already announced a brand-new Tartelette Toasted palette and discounted every single mascara to just $10 yesterday. While we have no idea what other tricks Tarte has up its sleeve the rest of the week, we're sure they're ready to up the ante.
Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer $20.25 (reg. $27), available at Tarte.
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