Julianne Hough's Glow Will Only Cost You $3

It's easy to assume that with any famous face comes an obscene amount of makeup that adds up to more than our month's rent. Kylie Jenner's Sephora haul will set you back $1200add another $700 if you want to splurge for Kim's. Even Alicia Keys, who doesn't even wear makeup, spends roughly $455 to keep her face glowing.
Which is why our interest is always piqued when a celebrity makeup artist admits that he or she uses a drugstore product on a celeb client — especially when that client isn't getting paid for the marketing. And especially when that product is a grand total of three dollars.
This week, we learned that makeup artist Spencer Barnes relies on Wet n' Wild Color Icon highlighting blush in Apri-Cot in the Middle to give Julianne Hough her signature rosy glow. "This is one of my favorite supermarket products," he said as he swiped the blush on Vanessa Grimaldi during an E! FreeSTYLE segment. "You will not believe what I'm using, and look how amazing it looks on the cheeks."
Barnes explained that he loves this bargain brand cheek color specifically for its apricot tone. The hue gives cheekbones a subtle and natural pop of color that works year-round. Admittedly, this shade of blush might not work for every skin tone, but if it looks incredible on Julianne Hough and we can pay for it with the extra change rolling around the bottom of our wallet — it seems like reason enough to give it a try.
Wet 'N Wild Color Icon Blush in Apri-Cot in the Middle, $2.99, available at Wet n' Wild.
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