This Stranger Things Cake Is Perfect For Your Season 2 Viewing Party

If you got sucked into all the Hawkins drama in the same way that Will got sucked into the Upside Down, you're likely eagerly anticipating season 2 of Stranger Things. Fortunately, Halloween weekend is right around the corner — and so is more of the sci-fi drama. Season 2 of Stranger Things drops on Netflix October 27, and while the series needs to solve about a million mysteries, there's only one important question to ask yourself: What dessert will you bring to the viewing party?
Allow the existence of this Stranger Things sheet cake to answer that question for you.
There are plenty of ways to celebrate Stranger Things using the culinary arts. It would be perfectly appropriate to bring a box of Eggo waffles, in honor of Eleven's favorite food. It would also be quite cute to bring something Halloween-y, considering the series is both spooky and sharing the weekend with the holiday. However, if you want a dessert that is ripped directly from the Duffer Brothers' Stephen King-meets-Steven Spielberg homage, it's this cake from Delish that you need to make ASAP.
Thankfully, you don't need to be a wiz in the kitchen in order to craft a cake that will make fellow Stranger Things fans applaud. As you'll see below, Delish crafted a cake based on the communications device Joyce (Winona Ryder) created in order to speak with her son Will (Noah Schnapp), who was stuck in the Upside Down. No actual string lights necessary here, though: All you need is a steady hand and several different colors of frosting to make this cake a masterpiece.
For those who want proper instructions, Delish has created a video that will take baking novices through the cake-making process.
More into savory food for your next binge-fest? Netflix also shared some Stranger Things-inspired recipes that look equally as delicious. However, I think it's safe to say that this cake is a lot cuter than the "French Onion Barb."

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