Netflix Just Released Stranger Things-Inspired Recipe Videos

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Just when we thought we couldn't love Netflix any more, the company decided to gift us with Stranger Things-themed recipe videos. There's a sweet Demogorgon Pie and a viscous-looking onion soup, replete with Barb's jelloid face. Both are dancing somewhere between gross and totally delicious, which is perfect for Halloween. Bring on the scary food! Don't worry — Demogorgon Pie doesn't feature a real demogorgon. (In case you hadn't heard, demogorgons aren't real...or are they?) It's actually a cherry-pumpkin pie with an almond topping. Rest assured, the demogorgon's face is a lot less scary when it's made of pie crust.
French onion soup is a bit creepier. Remember poor Barb, trapped in the Upside Down, covered in what looked like petroleum jelly? Yeah, we can't seem to forget about it either. To re-create Barb's unfortunate countenance, the soup is topped with bread baked in the shape of her face. Torched Swiss cheese gives the face its slick appearance. Sadly for poor Barb, French onion soup is delicious, so it probably won't last long. (Bye, Barb! See you next season!)

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