Watching Grannies Try Fireball Will Be The Best Part Of Your Day

In my opinion, there's not much of an upside to growing up, save a few things: - Doing whatever you want to, whenever you want to
- Eating strange things at strange times
- Getting to know your family as human beings (rather than authority figures), and occasionally partying with them And to that final point, a new video reminds us that grannies like to throw back shots, too. In this case, it’s shots of some serious liquor — Fireball Whisky.
For those who've never tried Fireball, it's a hot, cinnamon-infused whiskey. Its tagline is “Tastes Like Heaven, Burns Like Hell” — and it's no joke. Yet despite the strong taste, these grannies are into it. In the video above, one of them takes a shot and declares, “I think we have to go out and dance now… (let’s) ignite the night! Ugh. I don’t have a date. What a waste.” Then, she promptly pours herself another round. (BTW, after sniffing the whiskey for the first time this same woman says, “It has a distinct smell, actually. Maybe it is the balls.” AMAZING!) If this clip doesn’t meet your awesome-grannies quota, there’s also always this scene of two stoned grannies. Or you can always revisit the wonderful Baddie Winkle. Now that's a broad I wouldn't mind drinking some Fireball with.

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