Why Living Alone Is Pretty Much The Best Thing, Ever

Carrie Bradshaw and her crew may have been able to afford gorgeous New York City apartments, but everyone knows if you're living on your own in a major city for the first time in your 20s, you're probably going to be moving into a super-tiny space and sharing it with roommates. And we all know how roommates — sometimes horrible, sometimes innocuous — can affect how we live. College taught us that much.

But, once you move into a place of your own? Well, let us tell you: It is glorious. Here's what happens when you start living alone.

1. Pants are always optional.

Long T-shirts sans bras are perfectly appropriate. Except when cooking bacon.

2. Especially when dancing.
Pro tip: An NYC living room is not enough space to practice a pirouette.

3. It's okay to eat strange things at strange times.
Sometimes, dinner is ice cream. And then some cheese. And maybe some Sour Patch Kids for the fruit?

4. Avoiding doing dishes is normal.
Or, reuse the same set over and over and over again.

5. And thus, so is avoiding utensils.
All foods are finger foods!

6. This is you, cleaning.
It's a rare occurrence.

7. This is you, on an occasional Friday night (or Saturday morning).
Text from friend: "Wanna go out?" You: "Hm. Nah."

8. And on occasional weekdays.
Pro tip: Pair with some burrata cheese.

9. This is you when you meet people who actually motivate you to leave your apartment.
Some days, you'll want to leave your apartment — you just have to find the right reasons.

10. Shower beers are a regular thing.
Our recommendation: Try a session IPA. Here's an entire subreddit for you to peruse.

11. So is talking to yourself.
And/or talking to your pet. She totally understands you.

12. You're likely to start practicing a lot of dance moves while blasting some embarrassing music.
Note: Your neighbors will judge you for Carly Rae Jepsen (although we won't).
13. Living alone doesn't mean you're lonely.
It means you've made it.

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