Roommate Horror Stories So Wild, You Won’t Believe They’re True

It's a fact of life: Sometimes a roommate is necessary to save a few bucks on rent. As humans, we all have our own quirks, and often our personal home habits might not vibe well under the same roof. Chances are you've had to deal with someone who wasn’t the ideal person to share an apartment with. But if your worst cohabitation stories include little more than dirty dishes or passive-aggressive remote-control hoarding, consider yourself lucky. Very lucky.
In the wild world of renting in L.A., there have been many innocent bystanders who have had to deal with much worse than a messy kitchen or an uninvited live-in significant other, à la Broad City's Bevers.
Get ready, because you are about to hear tales of human behavior that are so appalling, you’ll wonder how these people could be allowed to sign another lease. From single white females to surprise orgies, the 11 horror stories ahead may make you swear off two bedrooms forever — or thank heaven that your roomie's worst habits are not that bad after all.