11 Broad City GIFs, Because We Already Miss Ilana & Abbi (NSFW)

How do we love Broad City? Let us count the ways. From its characters hiding weed in their "vah-yine-yahs" (a.k.a. "nature’s pocket") to experimenting with strap-ons, the show pushes boundaries in the best way possible. That is, it's both laugh-out-loud funny and a step forward for female-led comedies on TV.
We had the chance to sit in on a panel with Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer at PaleyFest in Los Angeles earlier this month and hear them discuss one of the more provocative scenes from Season 2: when Ilana gets freaky with a tree. Surprise! Jacobson revealed that the scene wasn’t scripted.
"The tree itself was really the inspiration," she explained. "There was this hole, and Ilana just felt this connection. And, we went with it. That's how we work."
Of course, trusting their instincts in the more risqué moments isn’t always effortless. When asked if she's ever afraid, Jacobson replied: "All of the time. The fear comes in because we really want [the show] to be great, and the funniest thing it can be."
We’d say they are knocking it out of the park — and, er, in the park, too, in Ilana's case. To help ease the pain of your first Thursday without a new episode to discuss at length, we've rounded up just a few of the funniest GIFs the show has to offer. Can we get a Yas Queen?